Power Flushes

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Power Flushing

A Powerflush is a process for your boiler that removes any dirt, sludge, rust and debris accumulated within your system over time. If action is not taken then it could cause blockages or corrosion and ultimately reduce the efficiency of your boiler, and will lead to a breakdown.

What happens during a Powerflush and how long could it take?
During a Powerflush chemical is circulated through your radiators, pipes and boiler at a high pressure. During this process it will flush out any inhibiting deposits and will allow water to flow freely in your system.


Benefits of Power Flushes

Powerflush can take up to around 8 hours to perform, however can take longer depending upon system size or it’s a complicated systems, and it could take up to 2 days. Some of the benefits are detailed below:

  • Energy-efficiency and potential saving on your energy bills
  • Less chances of a boiler breakdown
  • It will improve system lifespan
  • Radiators will warm up faster
  • The quality of hot water & heating will improve
  • Noise reduction from your boiler and radiators

Why Power Flushing

When your system is contaminated by a number of reasons including incorrect installation, the system not been thoroughly cleansed before installation or bacterial growth, in these circumstances you will need a Powerflush. When you get a new boiler installed, the building regulations recommend that a suitable cleanse is carried out prior to the installation. Does your system require a Powerflush, some of the common signs are detailed below:

  • Cold spots on your radiators
  • Radiators need constant bleeding
  • Boiler and Radiators are noisy


Why Power Flushes

  • Leaks in your Radiator
  • Regular breakdowns
  • Boiler needs to be restarted on a regular basis
  • Radiators will warm up faster
  • Central heating system heats up but takes a long time
  • Not all the radiators heat up at same time.
  • Hot pipes but radiators are cold.

A Powerflush and any central heating work should be carried out by a qualified engineers, our engineers always carry their Gas Safe ID. There are no rules stating that a Gas Safe registered engineer should perform a system Powerflush however, any mistake could make your heating system perform worse than before, also using the specialised chemicals involves certain amount of risk. We would recommend getting a professional to do the job.