AR Heating service install full underfloor heating systems, provide boiler swaps, and can change boiler systems from regular to combi boiler and system boiler to combi boiler. We are your local and reliable expert plumbers and heating engineers in Harrow, Watford, Edgware, Wembley, and London.

Heating Installation

AR Heating Services have installed underfloor heating system on large and small projects, our expertise and professionalism is recognised by our satisfied customers
Underfloor heating is the most comfortable form of heating. It is unobtrusive, economical, safe, hygienic and virtually maintenance-free. It offers the best long-term method of heating a building because it uses low-temperature water. Instead of hanging conventional radiators on the wall, you simply make the floor itself a large-surface heat emitter by incorporating warm water pipe within the floor construction.


New boiler installation options

When the floor surface starts getting warmer than the air in the room, it begins to radiate. Radiant energy emitted from the floor is absorbed by all the other surfaces in the room. These surfaces warm up and begin to radiate, thereby providing an all-round comfortable warmth in the room.

  • Dust is reduced –great for people with allergies.
  • Low flow temperatures – leads to greater efficiency
  • Increased efficiency – lower energy costs.
  • No radiators so more wall space – is cleaner and less cluttered
  • Warm feet – will lead to a warmer body.