We are concerned about the health and safety of our customers. We thoroughly examine your central heating system to highlight and resolve potential risks. One of such risks is carbon monoxide (CO) which is a poisonous gas having no colour, smell, or taste. So, this makes it even more harmful because you will not know it exists. Tips to save you and your family from carbon monoxide

Safety Tips:

Have a carbon monoxide alarm installed.

Get your gas appliances a proper examination at least once every year.

Book your boiler services with AR heating so that our certified engineers help you with the best services in town.

Keep a record of previous safety checks if you have just moved to a new house.

Conduct a safety check on the combustible appliances within the property, preferably with the help of experts.

Ensure all combustible appliances and associated pipework are in safe and working order.

Take serious action if you are facing chimney blockages.

The blue light of flame on most of the boilers is a safety indication.

If the flame colour indicates red, yellow, or orange then you could have a CO leak and should arrange for an engineer to check the problem.

Stains or discolouration on your boiler and soot on your fireplace could be an indication of a CO leak.