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There are a few tips that can help you save your home’s energy consumption and increase the efficiency of your home.

Heating Tips:

Use Showers instead of Baths, this will save water.

Save yourself from emergency repairs by getting your home’s central heating system repaired yearly.

Use Insulations for walls and windows to save heat loss.

Use insulation jackets on your boiler tanks to save long-term expenses

Turning the heating temperature up to make your home warmer is not going to help. If the temperature rises above 60⁰C, the boiler will naturally start cooling down the water to balance the heating affect.

Fill in all the gaps under the doors, windows, walls, or any other spaces.

Upgrade your boiler to an energy-efficient one frequently.

Use modern technology equipment with the boiler so they do not consume excessive energy.

Make sure your devices are intelligent to auto-turn off when they sense risky consumption of heat or personalise it to ensure it turns off when there is no one around.